The Impossible Quiz (part 2)

Here is part two of my impossible quiz walkthrough!

Question 41: (There should be a picture of a duck…)
Answer: Click “AFRO”

Question 42: What is the answer to life, the universe and everything.
Answer: Click the 42 on the bottom row, second to the left. (That’s the 42nd 42)

Question 43: Bridget makes everyone…
Answer: Tom Cruise

Question 44: (Should be a strange picture.)
Answer: Click and drag the 44 away, than click the dot.

Question 45:
Answer: Top right corner (cross, sun, flag, skull, up)

Question 46: (should be a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog)

Question 47: (Should be a bottle with that says “vanish” on it.
Answer: Line your cursor up with the bottle, then click the red button when it appears.

Question 48: Snake? Snake!?

Question 49: Which is the correct spelling?
Answer: Slapp-me-do.

Question 50: Remember blue, red, blue, yellow. 108= 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.
Answer: O.K.

Question 51: Fight!
Answer: Fight by clicking repeatedly.

Question 52: Carrot!
Answer: Choose the third plant from the left.

Question 53: (Should be a picture of marmite)
Answer: But pa might not.

Question 54: Shanghai?
Answer: No, about 20cm off the ground.

Question 55: What is the digestive system?
Answer: A games console for whole-meal biscuits.

Question 56: I hope you remembered!
Answer: blue red blue yellow (wait until screen is yellow)

Question 57: Look! Count Dracula!
Answer: Erm… One?

Question 58: On the subject of Dracula, what is his favorite food.
Answer: Shepherds pie.

Question 59: Charge ur lazer!
Answer: Charge by clicking repeatedly before time runs out.

Question 60: Be honest, did you do the last question in your first go?
Answer: Select “no,” unless you got past level 59 upon the first time running the app.

Question 61: (y)
Answer: Click the thumbs up.

Question 62: It’th thimple, click the moth!
Answer: Click the moss, middle left.

Question 63: What are chicken nuggets made of?
Answer: Tasteless white filth.

Question 64: Which is true?
Answer: Egg>28

Question 65: Click the largest.
Answer: Click the word largest.

Question 66: Hurry up! It’s the end of the world!
Answer: Click on the “!” At the end of the “world.”

Question 67: What is this?
Answer: A big hairy arsonist.

Question 68: (should be a picture of a meter bar that is empty)
Answer: Stroke the cat when it appears until the meter is full.

Question 69: Are you enjoying this quiz?
Answer: LOL, 69.

Question 70: My dogs got no nose, how does it smell?
Answer: Using its ****.

For 71-110 (part 3) you’ll just have to wait!
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The Impossible Quiz

Get ready to think outside the box in this 110 level-practically impossible game. The game will keep you staring disgusted at the screen for hours as you rage at the questions in the test. When you begin, you will be asked a question that makes no sense, and a you go throughout the game, the tasks and questions will get harder, and harder, and harder. Some questions will be timed, and some won’t. Three mistakes, or wrong answers, and you must start from the beginning. Sometimes you’ll come across a skip button, but don’t use it, no matter how much you want to, because you need them to answer the last question! Every level of the Impossible Quiz will keep you on your toes with different and interesting questions. If your giving up, here’s your answers, this is a guide to the Impossible Quiz!

Question 1:
How many holes in a polo?
Answer: Four.

Question 2: Can a match box?
Answer: No, but a tin can.

Question 3: .sdrawkcab noitseuq siht rewsnA
Answer: K.O

Question 4: Click the answer.
Answer: Tap the answer on the top left.

Question 5: Put the mouse on here.
Answer: Move the mouse outside of the quiz box and onto the red dot.

Question 6: The square route of an onion.
Answer: Shallots.

Question 7: The answer is really big.
Answer: An elephant

Question 8: Search!
Answer: Move your mouse around the screen until you find the green checkmark with a “yes.”

Question 9: What was the answer to question 2?
Answer: Click the top-right box.

Question 10: Choose food.
Answer: Click the false teeth.

Question 11: What follows December 2nd?
Answer: n

Question 12: Click the smallest.
Answer: Click the dot above the “i.”

Question 13: What sound does a bell make?
Answer: F’taang.

Question 14: What can you put in a bucket to make it lighter?
Answer: Torch

Question 15: Neigh! Whinney!
Answer: Type “HORSE” with the on screen keyboard.

Question 16: What is the 7th letter of the alphabet?
Answer: H

Question 17: 24-7=?
Answer: Click on the question number “17”

Question 18: Stop.
Answer: Click on the hammer (stop, hammer time)

Question 19: Colour in the correct order.
Answer: Click the paint cans in this order: blue, orange, green, green, yellow.

Question 20: Deal or no deal?
Answer: Seal!

Question 21: Watch carefully.
Answer: Look for the green flash in the top-left box.

Question 22: The choice is yours.
Answer: Choose +1 skip.

Question 23: Save changes to “untitled?”
Answer: BRAN

Question 24: There should be a box with a rainbow in it.
Answer: Click the V in “lives.”

Question 25: How do you kill a werewolf?
Answer: Shoe polish.

Question 26: Which of these place names don’t exist?
Answer: Arsefacey.

Question 27: I hope you’ve been paying attention to the question numbers!
Answer: Go to 28.

Question 28: What is this?
Answer: Abundance.

Question 29: What flavor is cardboard?
Answer: Egg Mayonaise.

Question 30: Put the mouse on here.
Answer: Move or drag your finger thought the path.

Question 31: (There should be a picture of a dog.)
Answer: Woof. Woof. Woof.

Question 32: What are the main ingredients of shampoo?
Answer: Babycham and human faeces.

Question 33: How many letters in this hand?
Answer: 7

Question 34: Elephants don’t like mice.
Answer: Remove the mouse from the screen (or right click to “hide”)

Question 35: If you press this button, its game over.
Answer: Wait for the button to become a green smiley face.

Question 36: What do you call a wingless fly?
Answer: A walk.

Question 37: Can you get this question wrong?
Answer: Of course not.

Question 38: Mary rose sat on a pin.
Answer: Mary Rose.

Question 39: There should be something that looks like a marshmallow with red eyes.
Answer: Cylindrical Adventures.

Question 40: Put the mouse… on here…
Answer: Right click then move across the menu.

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Adventures of Pip

Adventures of Pip
A new kick starter going on now! Adventures of Pip is an adventure game about a boy made out of pixels who is ready to save the kidnapped princess and stand up to the evil skeleton queen! Ghost knight, Sir William gives Pip the power to harness the bitstream, where Pip can absorb his enemies pixels and transform into a hi-fideltiy hero!

Story: A princess is born, but with a strange power to transform things into simple pixels! The King and Queen keep her power secret, the only problem is, the rumor has spread and the Skeleton Queen knows of her power! It’s the princesses 16th birthday, and everyone is celebrating, but the Skeletons minions have come to abduct the princess. The town is practically ripped to shreds, and people run and scream. The princess is taken by the minions, for the Skeleton Queen wants to harness the princesses power! Pip watches, astonished. He is not scared, though, for he has become a single red pixel! He is ready to get the princess back and stand up to the evil Skeleton Queen!

EVO 1, the Tiny Warrior:
With his 1 pixel structure and slight frame, Pip as a pixel can fit into any crack and bounce heights not many can reach.
EVO 2, the Agile Explorer
Pip now has limbs! He can now wall jump, run, and stab with a tiny dagger!
Evo 3, the Bulky Browser
With a new sword, Pip is able to break things! He can also move blocks and crush stones he could not break before.

The Clan of the Skeleton Queen, built using pixels of others, the creatures are just mindless drones of the skeleton queen.
The Scarabs of the Forest, Even without the queens minions, the forest is still a scary place, and giant insects roam, looking for humans to eat.

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Pac-man, the game everybody knows. Created on May 22, 1980, it not only inspired game makers to make more games like it, but a whole animated series as well. After the original game, Baby Pac-man, Professor Pac-man, and the more famous Mrs. Pac-man were created. Wakka Wakka indeed!

How to play: If you’re a beginner to Pac-man, you’ll notice that when you start your game you will be in a blue maze with tiny yellow Pac-Dots or pellets. There should be four ghosts: cyan, orange, pink and red. As the game begins, you want to avoid the ghosts and eat the pellets. The pellets at the corner of the screen should be much bigger, they are called power pellets. When eaten, the ghosts will become scared and dark blue. They will run away from you and at this point you can eat them! Once eaten, only their eyes will remain, which will return to the box and become a normal ghost again. As you progress, fruits will appear below the ghost box, when eaten, they give extra points. Once all the pellets are eaten, you advance to the next level. Pac-man will go on until level 255 if you maintain at least one life throughout the game, and you don’t get touched by a ghost. Good luck!


The red ghost, now known best as Blinky, was originally named Oikake in Japan, which translated to “Chaser.” As the game became more famous, he was named Shadow, and finally, Blinky.                                                              
The cyan ghost also had a name in Japan, Kimagure, which translates to “Fickle.” In America, he was called Bashful, and finally Inky.                            
The pink ghost, Pinky was originally called Machibuse, which is “Ambusher” in English. Though she is now Pinky, she was once called Speedy.
The odd one out, Clyde, or the orange one, was originally called Otoboke, or “Stupid” when translated. As the games became more well known, he became Pokey, and lastly, Clyde. In Ms. Pac-man, his name was changed to Sue for a more feminine name, and he becomes purple.
Pac-man: the dot muncher, a yellow circle that goes ‘Wakka wakka’ and the star of the show. In America, his original name was Puck-man, but the game changed later due to people and kids scratching of parts of the “P” and making it an “F”.

Did you know?                                                                
•In a perfect game of Pac-man, in which you must eat all ghosts, fruit, and pellets in 255 games in the least amount of time, you can score a maximum of 3,333,360 points. The first person to achieve this feat was Billy Mitchell of Hollywood, Florida.                                                                          
•In Japan, the game was called Pakkuman.                                        
•The game designer himself called the character Pac-man “a pizza with a missing slice.”                        
•Pac-man eating to gain power is a reference to Popeye.                          
•In a decade alone, Pac-man surpassed revenues grossed by the highest grossing film Star Wars
•In two years, Pac-man had sold 400,000 arcade machines worldwide and it is estimated that by this time 7 billion coins had been inserted into the games in total.    
•By the end of the 20th century, Pac-man is estimated to have made 2.5 billion dollars (10 billion quarters) and is still the highest grossing video game of all time.
•Pac-man is said to have influenced many games such as Metal Gear, Grand Theft Auto, Wolfstein 3D, MIDI Maze, and Doom.                           
•Pac-man has been mentioned and seen in movies such as Scott Pilgrim VS the World and Wreck it Ralph.  

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